HEAD-HEART-HANDS Discipleship Series

The original Head-Heart-Hands pilot page is still availableHERE. ​ ​ New in Fall 2023 all lessons are available in online-digital format (below) so that you can lead using your phone or other device. Use an annotation app like Liner, Page Marker, Markup Hero, or Weava to personalize each lesson and mark what elements and questions you plan to use.

Watch our new two-minute overview video of the Head-Heart-Hands discipleship model.


Head-Heart-Hands is based on the greatest commandment: "Love the LORD your God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength."

Before starting, be sure to check out theLeader's Guide​ for tips about prepping and adapting for different ages and contexts. Additional resources are linked at the bottom of this page.


FOUNDATION(discipleship basics)

The Greatest Commandment

Abiding​ (Being With Jesus)

Conforming(Becoming Like Jesus)

FORMATION(habits and practices that move us closer to Jesus)

Time in Scripture

Time in Prayer

Time in Worship

Time in Fellowship

FRUITION(attitudes and actions of a growing disciple)

Humble Service

Deeper Wisdom

Generous Hospitality

Gracious Forgiveness

Faithful Witness

Patient Endurance

Sacred Justice

Whole and Holy(series wrap-up)


Conversation Starters​ questions and prompts for meaningful conversations

Head-Heart-Hands​ full sheet printable discipleship model

Head-Heart-Hands ​ quarter-sheet take-home printable discipleship model

Head-Heart-Hands Signs of Growth​ specific marks ofand opportunities for​ growth

Final Learning Assessment​ reflective self-assessment of growth and learning

Development of the Head-Heart-Hands series was made possible by a generous Templeton sub-grant awarded through Fuller Youth Institute.

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