Discipleship is life.

Followers of Jesus are called to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength." In other words, followers of Jesus are called to be whole (and holy) disciples at every moment, in every way.

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Discipleship is neither digital nor analogue. It is the spirit-filled life of following Jesus.

This site focuses on the most basic and important aspects of our discipling relationships: hearing God's Word, reading God's Word, encountering God, and learning to speak about God in meaningful and formational ways.

As you engage these resources, remember this: your own​ life of discipleship​ is the foundation for your ministry of discipling. Do not switch the order. Do not presume to pour into others without being faithfully emptied of self and filled by God. Do not presume to guide others without being led by the Lord. Do not presume to teach others without being minute-by-minute settled at the Lord's feet, listening to and learning from him.


This Month's Featured Resource

Identity Self-Assessment

Followers of Jesus have a new identity - they are "in Christ." But what exactly does that mean? And how can we (both adults and teens) learn and embrace the truth of who God says we are?

This one-page self-assessment includes 16 Biblical statements about God's children and Jesus' followers. Users assess each statement on a scale from 0-5 ranging from "I didn't know this was true" to "I believe this with my head and my heart."

The assessment can be taken several times during a year to track Biblical understanding and identity formation.

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In Young Life, we believe in having deep and meaningful conversations with teenagers, conversations about life, God, faith, and more. Deeper conversations are not reserved for certain select times or certain special places. They can happen anywhere, anytime. But it is up to us, leaders and disciplers, to make sure that deeper conversations are happening.

These videos preview basic skills and provide broad encouragement for all of the deeper conversations that are waiting just around the corner. The downloadable discussion guide linked below the videos includes questions that can guide both personal and group reflection.

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