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Discipleship is neither digital nor analogue. It is the spirit-filled life of following Jesus. This resource is not a clearinghouse for countless ways to woo and wow your leaders and students with breathtakingly innovative flash. Rather, in this unexpected and upending season of life, when most of us are physically sequestered and separated from those we disciple, and when ideas, offers, and opportunities are flying at us with dizzying speed, we thought it was a good time to dial back and focus on the most obviously important (and therefore often overlooked) aspects of our discipling relationships: listening to God's Word, reading God's Word, encountering God, and learning to speak about God in meaningful and formational ways.

These resources and insights are straightforward in practice and sparing in number. You can peruse through them all without breaking your calendar. Use what you can, modifying and adapting it to fit your ministry context. Set aside the rest.

And remember this: your own life of discipleship is the foundation for your ministry of discipling. Do not switch the order. Do not presume to pour into others without being faithfully emptied of self and filled by God. Do not presume to guide others without being daily led by the Lord. Do not presume to teach others without being minute-by-minute settled at the Lord's feet, listening to and learning from him.

Someday, we will all throw open our front doors again, embrace our friends, and speak face to face. Until then, be with Jesus, then be with and serve others. Digitally, if that's the best you have right now, trusting that God is present wherever his children may find themselves.

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