After Camp Resources

The days and weeks after camp are super important for establishing basic rhythms of following Jesus. As a Young Life, WyldLife, or YoungLives leader, your job is to spend quality time with your campers, pouring into them and helping them build a strong foundation for lifelong discipleship. We're here to help by providing resources that will free you up to do what you do best: being engaged and present with your students!


The most important first-steps for new followers of Jesus are:

  1. spending time in the Word
  2. spending time in prayer
  3. spending time in fellowship
  4. spending time in worship

Resources about these four things can be found at the links below and here​ (lessons 4-7).


Besides the resources linked below, you can create your own after-camp experience simply by revisiting all the scripture passages and gospel narratives used during camp.​ Use some of the same cabin time questions - your friends will process them differently now that they've heard the full cycle of talks and had some time to see how they fit together. Then add one or two new questions that invite deeper reflection and wider perspective.


If you have suggestions or requests for additional after-camp resources, please email us.





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