NEW: Weekend Work Crew Devos

Weekend Work Crew experiences sometimes happen so quickly that there's little time to plan and prepare for a discipleship element. ​ And let's be honest: in the 36-48 hours that you're at camp leading a Work Crew, it sometimes feels like there's barely time to get the work done let alone focus on Jesus and spend time talking about him.

But we believe there is absolutely time to make Jesus front and center and the focus of attention for at least a few key moments.

So first: THANK YOUfor leading a weekend Work Crew experience. You are our hero!

Second: We believe your role is not just one of Weekend Work Crew Boss but also of spiritual mentor and guide - that is, a discipler.

Third: To help with that, below are what we hope will be some helpful resources for you, providing some focused devotional and discipleship content so that you can spend your time doing what only you can do best - being present and available to lead, listen, guide, and disciple.

Fourth: These resources are nearly plug-and-play. They can be used as-is with no changes or additions. But you know your people best and you should feel free to make any changes or additions.


The best time to gather as a full group​ to discuss and process the devo content is Saturday night after the work is finished. You could also incorporate worship, prayer, or any other fellowship elements.

The best time to gather in smaller groups​ is during meals, around the table, using some of the questions included below.

The best time to introduce​ the discipleship content is before training on night 1. You can distribute devo cards to each person, being sure they put their names on them. Let everyone know that you'll be discussing the content together the next night.


Each card front​ includes some background information on the passage or theme, scripture, and a main takeaway idea.

Each card back​ includes questions for reflection and discussion, an engagement practice (TO DO), a prayer, a place for each person to write one thing they're learning, one "so what" attitude shift or action step, and a QR code that links to a related 5-day Young Life Bible App reading plan people can read the following week.

NOTE:​ We suggest that you engage with the QR code content yourself before your weekend Work Crew as it will provide additional information and insight that you can use while leading and discipling.

Before each meal, have someone read the scripture(s) to the group. Invite a different person to read each time.

Use one of the general questions below or one of the devo resource card questions for each mealtime conversation.

If possible, put the passage and the question on the screen for people to easily see.


Why did you decide to come this weekend?

Have you ever done something like this before? If so, what was that like?

What are you excited about for this weekend?

What's one thing you've learned about yourself so far?

What's one thing that's surprised you so far?

What's one thing you're currently learning about God or want to learn about him?

** "Would you rather" questions are great convo starters for meals.


These are designed to be 5.5" x 8.5", printed two-sided, two per letter-size page.

If you have suggestions for additional Weekend Work Crew resources, please email us.

For additional one-off Weekend Work Crew options, check out the After Camp bookmarks here.

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