The following questions and prompts will help foster conversations that go deep while still being inviting.

  • What’s one way you brought hope to someone this week?
  • What’s one way someone brought hope to you this week?
  • What were you afraid of this week, and what did you do about it?
  • How did God bring joy to your life this week?
  • How did God challenge you this week?
  • How did you experience the Holy Spirit’s comfort, guidance, reassurance, correction, or encouragement this week?
  • What’s one doubt or question you had about following Jesus this week?
  • When did you intentionally imitate the attitudes or actions of Jesus this week?
  • How and when did you help someone this week?
  • What’s one thing God taught you about himself this week?
  • What’s one thing you learned about yourself this week?
  • What’s one way you expressed [choose any of the seven Marks of a Disciple] this week?
  • When did you feel like a whole person this week - thoughts, attitudes and actions were in sync?
  • What's something you wish you'd said or done differently this week? Why?
  • When did you struggle to obey God this week? or: When did your old nature struggle against your new nature this week?
  • What did you pray about this week?
  • This week, God....
  • This week I prayed about ..... because .....
  • This week, I thought of God when ....
  • The week, God helped me ….
  • This week, I sensed God telling me ….
  • This week, I worried about…
  • This week, God reminded me…
  • This week, I sensed Jesus…
  • This week, I felt unexpected joy when…

Access a downloadable PDF of these questions HERE.

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